Sian Norfolk

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Reader of recipes and plotter of meals. Never happier than when cooking a feast for friends and family. Favourite cookery book ever is “Cooking in Ten Minutes, Or, The Adaptation to the Rhythm of Our Time” by Edouard de Pomiane. Current flavour obsessions include fennel and paprika. Loving the season changing, relishing roasts and apple pies, and enjoying planning some new autumnal recipes. Mostly a bit busy so really appreciates the need for speedy, healthy delicious meals.
Kristen Dudley

Sous Chef & Bottle Drier

An eye for detail and loves nothing better than when a plan comes together. Fond memories of my mother’s lasagna and sponge cake with chocolate icing. Lover of sushi, peanut butter and a good Sunday roast. Knows how busy life can be and how important the value of a quick, flavourful and wholesome meal can help slow things down.

Relish & Savour

We all want to eat well.  However it’s not always easy.

When you’re busy, menu-planning and shopping can get relegated to the bottom of the list. There’s nothing more frustrating having done a last-minute dash around the supermarket than finding you’re out of an essential ingredient.

Which is where we come in – we love reading recipes, trying new things and putting our own spin on them and we want to share that with you. The way we like to cook is simple, healthy, speedy, and most importantly tasty. Good food is all about good ingredients and we love finding the best seasonal produce to go into our dishes.

So if you’re out of time or inspiration, stuck in a culinary rut, or perhaps just beginning to cook for friends or family, we’re here to help.

Relish & Savour provides recipe kits on Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and Friday every week.

These contain all the ingredients you need (except oil and salt and pepper) and a recipe card.
We can either deliver to your door or you can pick up from Wellsprings or Brightwell Village Stores.

Unlike most recipe boxes, we don’t require an ongoing commitment. You can order as a one-off for the following day if you place your order by 10pm the night before or place a regular order.

For those who are time-pressed, confident cooks – Relish & Savour provides a perfect solution. We give you all the ingredients you need plus an easy to follow recipe card.

For those who would like a bit of reassurance, we hope Relish & Savour will turn you into a confident cook in no time. Follow the recipes as they are – and for tips, hints & tricks, explore further on the website. We’ve had lots of friends and family test our recipes and we think you’ll be very pleased with the results.

For the experienced cook – use these recipes as a jumping off point and personalise to your heart’s content, following your own preferences, experience and using whatever is in your cupboard to add that individual sparkle that is uniquely yours. Create, customise and then Relish and Savour!